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Is there a report in Pulse to extract/export user login session details which includes the application name (like Arc,Architect, TM1web, PAW etc) and date logged in.

This will definitely give us an idea of how many users are still relying on Perspectives.

And it will be of great help if you can assist in this matter as we are planning to shut down the old system and move to the new environment.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Sheba_Prakash,

Which version of Pulse are you currently using?

With Pulse 6, there is now the Elasticsearch / Kibana component that can help you out on this.

On the information on how to navigate there:

Understanding Pulse Elasticsearch data - Cubewise CODE

And one of the reports that can help you get started on on this is:

And in addition to the above, you can create your own custom reports as well.



In the Case of Pulse 5.x you can use the Session Reports under Reports/User Analytics/Reports


You can generate a report for all the TM1 services or per TM1 Service.



Thanks Erik for the quick response.

thanks Paul, we are still using older version - Ver: 5.8.2, will refer to yours after our Pulse is upgraded.
much appreciated for your quick turn around.

Hi Sheba,

You can also connect directly to the Pulse database to see who is using Perspectives (Context = ‘Architect’). You can refer to the following post where I explain how to track Arc usage:

After connected to the Pulse database, your query will be

Select DISTINCT UserName From Session Where Context = 'Architect'

TM1 shows the same context value Architect if you are connected to TM1 using Architect or Perspectives.

I hope this help,