User Name


I am trying to determine where Pulse pulls the Username from in TM1. I have users being displayed in Pulse with the first and last names along with the userid and in other cases just the ID.

I have already determined it can’t be the }ElementsAttributes_clients cube since the names are present there.

Does anyone have any input on this subject


Unfortunately I think the answer is “it depends”. It depends which part of the application and which reports you are using, and it also depends on the authentication method the server is using

  • If it from the session monitor then what Pulse displays as the user name will be the principal name from the }Clients dimension or the }TM1_DefaultDisplayAlias. But as you said you couldn’t find the matching names in the }ElementAttributes_}Clients cube then this can’t be what you are referring to.
  • If you are looking at anything Pulse reads from the tm1server.log file it will be the principal name from }Clients
  • If it is from the TM1Web section of “User Analytics” then it will be the string that the web server returns for the user name. Typically the name that displays in the application header at the top right. Unfortunately this is where the greatest variability is as the name returned by the logging javascript can be variable depending on both the version of TM1 Web and the log on method (CAM, windows integrated, TM1 authentication.)
  • If it is the Excel section of “User Analytics” then it will be the windows environment variable for username, possibly with or without domain, depending on your environment

Of course there is no guarantee that any of these names will match. But it isn’t Pulse’s fault, the application is merely cataloging what it receives from the various source systems and it just so happens that these are giving different inputs.