User Analytics of Application Items


With regards to the user analytics in Pulse, should the usage of application items (workbooks opened from the application folders) be tracked? I was expecting to see the Excel workbooks that are currently being used (and opened from the application folder) shown on the “Excel Workbooks Open” page, but they are not shown. Only files that are on a network or local drive seem to be shown.


Hi @R.B,

Is documentation configured for this TM1 instance? , Documentation makes Pulse “mark” the application workbooks within its database. Marking in this context, means that Pulse will corelate the }applications dimension, with the contents of the }Externals folder.



Hi @ecarmona,

Yes, documentation is configured for this instance.

I updated the documentation manually. Once I did this the workbook appears when it is opened. I’m not sure why I had to update the documentation manually, as the workbook was added yesterday and the update time is 1 hour an 45 minutes for each day.

It’s now working, thanks.