Useful Options for the DBR Datepicker

Here are some of the options you can provide to the tm1-ui-dbr when using datepicker:

  • To add a ‘Clear’ button so that you can clear the date if needed and make it empty again, add clearBtn:true. Your option will now look like: tm1-date-option=“{format:‘yyyy-mm-dd’, clearBtn:true}”. You will now have the following button visible:

For a full reference of the options, check Bootstrap Datepicker Options.

Let us know here what are the other options that you are using!


Hi Paul;

Would it be a way to have a SUBNM in canvas from a date dimension so it displays the date element in a datepicker format?

Hey @Nacho_Libre,

You are better off creating a user preferences cube in tm1 that holds Canvas selections for your title drop downs and using a tm1-ui-dbr - that way you can store the selections and use the bootstrap datepicker.

If you create pick lists for the cells of your cube, you are basically creating a stored subnm with the added features of the tmi-ui-dbr directive.


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