Use media viewer & upload to upload excel files that can be downloaded after

Is there a way to use the media viewer widget to allow for a simple attach file option?
For example, we have some adhoc excel files which are sometimes used for planning and we would like to be able to organize this inside ApliqoUX using an upload & download functionality.

I know the media viewer is limited to pictures and videos, but is there any other way?


You can upload an excel file to folder in server.
@csivridemir did this in a project.
But you cannot view the excel file on apliqo

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Hi, we used Media Upload so that client can upload Excel Files to the defined directories reside in Apliqo application(webapps/assets/). We load the data of uploaded excels to tm1 and check the data in tm1 by using view as in the below:

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Hi! This is interesting to know. I was trying to upload an excel directly into the mediaupload widget but it just doesnt capture the excel file somehow. How did you manage to make it work?

After adding a new widget, we configured cube and advanced settings of widget as below. “SatısKanalıBazında” is the name of directory and it is not encessary to write full path to the “path” varible.
(FullPath=“C:\Program Files\cubewise\Apliqo\webapps\Butce_Test\files\Rasyo\SatısKanalıBazında”)


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Thanks! managed to make it work as your suggestions.

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Hi there,
So i managed to get it to upload and store the data. How can users download it? currently the widget just displays “blank” like this:

I am looking for the same functionality. Did you find a way to download excel files that were uploaded with the media viewer & upload widget?