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Hi there,

We are trying to use the upload component from Canvas, but seems like I can only upload one file at a time, but we have like 20 files to upload, that could be quite annoying for end users.

So wondering if there is any possibility to allow bulk upload.



Hi @twong,

No there isn’t, you could put multiple directives on the page. Are the files they are uploading in one folder?

Hi @twong

You can write your own logic using the Upload service. Canvas is using this library: https://github.com/danialfarid/ng-file-upload

Hi @tryan

I am trying to use the Canvas upload file api, but I can not get the cookie, session id. I saw the cookie has been set the httponly flag, can I remove it form Canvas’s config? or get session id from Canvas’s function?

Hi @rwang

Why do you need the cookie? Are you uploading from another application?

Hi @tryan,

I need to upload multi files on the same application, I used the library which you mentioned.

Hi @rwang,

If it is in the same applications the cookies are added automatically. You should just be able to call the Upload service.

Hi @tryan,

Thanks for your great support. It works now.

Hi rwang,
If you dont mind,
could you send me the code you have used.
I might need it for some clients.
js and html

Hi @ishapiro,

Ok, I have sent to your email :grinning:

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