Update Websheet List

Hello Experts,

How does the list of tm1web websheets get updated in UX? We’ve added a new websheet but it’s not appearing in the UX drop-down list.


Hi David,

We don’t have any internal representation in the content store of a list of available websheets. The list is from a direct request to the TM1 instance so it should always be up to date. Possibly the list is being cached in the page itself if the websheet has been published while the settings dialog itself is open. Have you tried either a full page refresh or closing the dialog, exiting edit mode and then turnign edit mode back on? Either of these options should ensure that the object list is coming directly from the source instance and not from anything cached on the page.

Thanks @cw-ch. I had tried all of the above and tried several times again today but finally the list refreshed.