Unsupported characters in Pulse Version: 5.8.3

Hi team,

Could you please tell me if it is true that Pulse Version: 5.8.3 does not support the use of certain symbols in the names of objects (processes, cubes, dimensions)?

For example “#”, if this symbol is used in the name of a process or cube, then it is impossible to open the detailed information of this object in Pulse: “An invalid path was used”.

Hi @Kirill ,

Pulse v5 does not support # in the object name. If you try to open a process called NewTIToTest#Character, you will see the following error with Pulse v5:

This was fixed in Pulse v6. We also added support [] and () in Pulse v6.1.

The same process will open in Pulse 6:

I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest Pulse v6 version.

Pulse 5 end of support date is June 2022.

The following article gathers the most important information you should be aware of when upgrading from Pulse v5 to Pulse v6:

I hope this help,



Hi @Vincent,

Thank you so much for your reply!
The issue is resolved