Unable to save on Schedule Editor

Hi there,

I am trying to create a print or schedule job on Canvas, but I tried different browser, different OS, I could not even “Save” my definition.

I did the following:
1. Clicked Save button, nothing happen.
2. Clicked multiple times, nothing happen.
3. Clicked and wait for 2 minutes, nothing happen
4. Started another browser tab and check on Report Manager, then click save again on original tab, did step 1 to step 3 again, nothing has changed on Report Manager.

Checked F12 tool, and found an error:

Is there anything extra I need to configure in order to get this to work?



Hi @twong,

What is the Canvas and IE version on this?

Do you have a Chrome or Firefox browser? Can you try it out from there?


Hi Paul,

Canvas is 1.2, and IE is 11.

Firefox does not seems working, do not have the version yet, but Chrome seems to be ok.
After re-test, seems Firefox also fine, so just IE have problem.



Hi @twong,

Thanks for the update!

The fix for this should be in the next build release already.