Unable to migrate websheets using live package


I am trying to migrate websheets that exist in the target server from dev to accep using the live package. Although the worksheets are included in the package (when you view package, you can see the .xlsx in the file box), but if you continue to click on Execute, none of the .xlsx appear in the Proposed changes box.

Tried another live package with a brand new websheet and it is migrated .

Can you please advise if that is normal?


Hi @gaby5577,

Pulse checks to see if the file has changed before migrating it. Not sure why the change is not being picked up, possibly the file being included isn’t the latest version.

Can you create a ticket at: https://support.cubewise.com/code/pulse/issues

If you attached the migration package and workbooks from the }Externals directory on both servers we can look into it.