Unable to download Pulse 6.4.0

Hi Team,

We are unable to download Pulse 6.4.0 version. Also, unable to view the list of features and enhancement details. We are getting 404 error when we click on the fixes and enhancements details.

Please suggest on this issue.

I think the 6.4 release email contained a bad link.
This one is working.

Thanks for the updates. We are able to download now but still we are unable to view the fix and enhancements details when we click on the fixes.

The release notes are available here: v6.4.0.md · Wiki · Cubewise CODE / Pulse · GitLab

Hi Vincent,

Please click on any enhancements and Fixes and check that you are able to view the detail. We are getting 404 page not found error.

Some tickets are confidentials, only the author of the ticket can see it.