Turning Off Canvas Demo mode



I see there is some code to say appSettings.isDemo.

How do I make it to return false? I tried to configure it on admin page, there is no option to disable demo mode.


Hi @twong,

Are you trying to configure the “samples” application?

That gets set to demo mode by default. And on the next upgrade, it will be refreshed with the latest files so any changes you have will not be retained.



Hi Paul,

Nope, I am not trying to configure the samples application.

It’s automatically taking us to the samples already.

And we found some code there is a boolean to check isDemo or not, unfortunately I have no idea where to make it false, hardcoding seems not work neither, seems like there are multiple places to configure it.




Hi @twong,

How about the links to the samples menu (i.e. Printing, DBRs, Components, etc.), are they visible on the menu?

Checkout the WEB-INF/config/settings.json of your application. This flag is indicated in there. What is the value?

If it is true, try to change it to false. Then try it again.

Let us know how it goes.