Trap event when creating/editing comment using tm1-ui-dbr


Is there an event that is fired / broadcast that is sent out when a comment is created using the Comment functionality of the tm1-ui-dbr ? And if so, in this event, does it tell me the exact elements and cube of the cell that had a comment added to it?

I was hoping I could get this information when the user places a comment on a dbr so that I could update my popover that displays over our dbrs that displays the current comments on the cell. Right now, the user has to refresh the template to see the annotations in the popover.


Hi @Celine,

There is broadcast event, but it does not have the cube and elements information as it is a general DBR refresh.

An alternative would be to use the following:

With a combination of the following DBR attributes - so that you can have full control over the annotations used:

Let us know how it goes.