TM1Web Widget Failing for Non-Admin users


I’m using tm1-web widgets to display cube views in a dashboards. I have an issue in that they only work for TM1 admin users. If I add a normal user to admin group it works, if I take them out it fails. The error received is

What access is required for the tm1-web widget to work?

Edit: The user can open the view if logging in to TM1Web normally.


Hi @R.B ,

Which PA version is this? Looks similar to this issue:

PA 2.0.4 is being used.

If I provide the non-admin user a link to the view as in http://localhost:9510/tm1web/UrlApi.jsp#Action=Open&Type=WebSheet&Workbook=Applications/Planning%20Sample/Management%20Reporting/Actual%20v%20Budget&AdminHost=localhost&TM1Server=Planning%20Sample it works for them.

@cw-ch, @aalex Any idea why the views aren’t working in UX for a non-admin user?

From a TM1 security perspective you can check if the user has read access to the }APQ Applications and }APQ Cube Views cubes and dimensions. Possibly in the version you are on we are still querying metadata from these cubes.

Hi @cw-ch ,

I’ve given the user access to all the APQ cubes and dimensions. The view still fails to load. As a workaround I’ve created a html page with a tm1-ui-web component, this doesn’t seem ideal as every time the user opens the dashboard it makes a new connection to TM1 (same as

Hi @R.B it sounds a bit strange as it certainly should work without admin access. Here we are essentially just using the Canvas TM1Web component so if you try the same view or websheet in a plain vanilla html page with just a frame and the tm1-ui-tm1web for a non-admin user does it work? Sounds like @aalex will deed to troubleshoot.

AS a last hail Mary what about read access to the }ApplicationEntries dimension itself?