tm1web & ux for cubeviewer

A customer is using apliqo ux and also embedded tm1web views into apliqo.
We have recently introduced cubeviewer instead of tm1web but getting compaints from the users:

  • Export to excel on especially big views, seems to be much faster in tm1web compared to apliqo ux
  • for viewing data, tm1web has pagination where it is more user friendly

Anyone came across this export performance problem and any solution/workaround?
Ux version: 2022.06.00 FP2


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Why are users exporting very big views to Excel? There are better ways to get PA data in Excel (e.g. use Slice).

we are giving cubeviewer to them and we cannot control what they will export.
if they want to export a big cubeview slice, then cubeviewer just breaks

Yes. A big shortcoming of the cube viewer right now is that we have no built-in pagination. So if a user creates a huge view then this could take a huge time to calculate and then another huge time to export.

We can’t control what users will do. Theonly thing we can do is eduate and train the users. Web interfaces aren’t Excel and it isn’t approproate to deal with tables with 1000s of rows in the web. And if they want so much data in Excel then the best way to achieve this is with a native Excel TM1 interface.

Of course some users will resist any attempt at education or training. But most people just want their work to be simple and efficient and if you show them a better way to achieve the same task then they are happy with that.

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