TM1Web Subnm not working in Canvas

Hi Paul/Tim etc.

I have a canvas app looking at tm1web applications via tm1-ui-web.

Whilst I can click on a SUBNM and see the dropdown list, it won’t let me select the element I want with the mouse. I have to type the element name in and click enter. Is this something configurable?


Hi @mmacdonnell,

Do you mean, this SUBNM that you were referring to is inside the tm1-ui-web?

Which version of TM1 are you using?

Have you tried if the same websheet can be accessed and its SUBNM be selected within tm1web itself?


Thanks Paul,

The issues seems to be with Chrome. TM1 has the same problem, but it works OK in Edge


@mmacdonnell so it is basically the same issue as with TM1 Web in Chrome that within a drop-down list a mouse-click doesn’t select and you have to use the up/down arrow keys and enter key to make a selection?

Yes Scott that is correct, although I wasn’t previously aware of that issue.


We deviate a bit from the original topic but the chrome issue can be fixed by changing a parameter in chrome.

If you are using chrome from a computer without touch screen you can de-activate the “Touch Event” as you don’t need it. By default it should be detecting it but for some reason it’s considered as activated even if don’t have a touch screen.

For this you need to go the flag section in chrome.


Then in this screen you can force to deactivate the “Touch events API”

Then the selection behaves normally in TM1web. I have tested it on a chrome which is only used for TM1 web and I haven’t noticed any discrepancies but this need to be fully tested.


Awesome jgrandry!


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