$tm1Ui Random Delayed response and Failure


I seem to be running into an issue often where the first query using the $tm1Ui service will take 20s and finish with a status of “Finished”. This query will resolve the response with a property of success: false. I have had to work around this by re firing the query and delying rendering of the page until I get a successful response. I have had this issue with the .dimensionElements() api and also the .cubeExecuteMdx() api. Below is an example of what is happening in the network log and the request. Again, this issue happens randomly:


Hi Tyler,

That seems like a bug, can you contact the US office and send them the logs from Canvas (/logs) so they can submit a support ticket with us.


Will do, thank you.


Hi Tyler,

Are you still experience this issue with the interim build we provided?


Hello Tryan,

After about a day of testing it seems the issue is resolved! Thank you! I will let you know if the issue pops up



Oh no, actually just got it again. It is definitely more rare now though. This was using the cubeExecuteMdx() api: