Tm1 Web logging in Pulse

Hi Team,

We’ve found a couple of bugs in the TM1 Web Logging feature of Pulse.

  1. ‘Insert Web Logging Script’ checkbox from Adminstration >> Configuration doesn’t work.
    Even if you untick this checkbox & save Pulse still continues to log the tm1 web activity.
  2. TM1 Web Open :
    a. If a user has 3 different tm1web reports open on his browser, only the active report is shown as open.
    b. If you open 4 tm1web reports one after another then pulse shows the last report under open workbook (in line with statement a above). If you now close the 4th report then 3rd tab will become active, if you now continue working on this report the ‘tm1 workbook open’ won’t show 3rd report as open workbook, it will still continue showing 4th report as open workbook (if you switch to a different tab & come back it might still show but not otherwise).


I don’t really think 1 & 2a are bugs. Just the way it works.

This just affects whether the javascript to do the monitoring is inserted into the TM1Web webapps directory. If the script has already been put there then it will continue to work. Unticking doesn’t delete the script if it is already there only means it won’t be copied in if it isn’t present.

This is just the way TM1Web works. A user may have multiple tabs “open” but the reality is that only the tab with focus is really open. Pulse is just reflecting this.

Maybe this one is a bug. But it could also just be due to the way TM1Web is working. Pulse’s monitoring script is looking for specific events and possibly closing of a internal tab doesn’t trigger any event that the script is watching. I imagine any refresh or change activity on the tab should cause the monitor to update?

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Hi @drd,

I concur with @cw-ch, from your questions, I would only like to add for 2.a, that the “Reports/ User Analytics/ TM Web Open” report of Pulse will only show you the active web sheets, in other words, what the user is “looking at” in that precise moment, the complete history of user activity can be found in the “Reports/ User Analytics/ TM1 Web” report.
Now, in regards of 2.b, what @cw-ch comments is correct, the Pulse’s TM1 Web logger, captures events within the web page, events like, switching tabs, refreshing/rebuilding the spreadsheet, opening another form with an action button and else, will trigger a specif action in the TM1 Web client that help us to detect which tab is active; But when it comes to detect when a tab closes, it is quite difficult, because currently TM1 Web when it destroys the tab, does not inform back which the current tab is afterwards.

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