TM1 Web Context information missing

Hi all,

I just want to highlight a new bug in TM1 Web.

TM1 Web is not sending the Context information to TM1 anymore. This stopped happening early this month after an upgrade of TM1 Web. This has been reported to us by two Pulse customers.

The Context column in Pulse is coming from the TM1 sessions. It is the product that sends this information to TM1 and then Pulse is retrieving this information through the TM1 sessions.

In the example below, it is Apliqo and Arc who are sending this information to TM1. In Arc v4.4.0, Arc is now sending the version number:

If you are using TM1 Web and you noticed that the context information is blank, please reach out to IBM so they can fix it.

Perspectives, Workspace and PAfE are populating this information. Currently the issue is only with one of the latest TM1 Web version.