tm1-ui-web and private views.



We are trying to allow users to pick a view from a dropdown and display it in the tm1-ui-web directive. The issue we are running into is with private views. It seems the tm1-ui-web defaults to public with the tm1 web api with no way I can see to override it to be private with needed. Any help would be appreciated on how to handle this.



Hi @chet_watkins,

Canvas’ tm1-ui-web directive currently does not support changing of parameters for the private views. Can you send a request for enhancement for this to your local Cubewise office so they can help create a ticket?



Hi @chet_watkins I think this might stem from the underlying TM1 Web URL API logic. Whereas in the legacy UIs (Perspectives, Architect) a private object of the same name always takes priority over the same named public object it is the opposite in TM1 Web with public objects having priority.