Tm1-ui-web and cube drill


If I view a websheet in TM1web that’s got a drill (used samples as example), I get the drill options, but those options are not available via tm1-ui-web.



Is this as expected, or is this a bug?

EDIT - the same behaviour happens on the cube view component of tm1-ui-web too.


Drill-through was missing also in the first release of 10.2.2 and turned up in a later fix pack. It could be history repeating with PA.

Note though if you’re using the URL API then drill-through isn’t supported. It only works in the main TM1 Web browser tab. Possibly if you are viewing TM1 Web content through PAW the same restriction applies…

If Canvas utilises TM1 Web URL API on the back-end of the tm1-ui-web directive, then it would be expected, as drill-through is not supported in TM1 10.2.2 or PA.

I actually raised a PMR for this a while ago and was told that it was by design.

However, there is an open RFE for this feature, which you can upvote here:

And just to add reference, yes, Canvas is utilizing the TM1 Web’s URL API on that. So it will be affected by whatever limitation is imposed there.