Tm1-ui-dbr: Trim non-numeric values from beginning of inputs


Would you consider the possibility of managing prefixed numbers (with a $ for eg)?

Some users have spreasheets with currency format that they’d like to use as a source for their Canvas inputs. At the moment, they have to remove the spreasheet’s format for the Copy/paste and put it back in, otherwise Canvas doens’t consider the data as a number but as a string.

Just wondering if trimming any curency symbol would be possible?


Hi @Celine,

An alternative might be the accounting js library for this one:

The idea would be on how to apply a number format style that includes the currency to these DBRs. Just take note that applying the accounting override for that DBR means that it will use that format in both display in input.

Checkout the accounting.settings section, for the currency in particular. Try it out on a few DBRs via the tm1-accounting-settings-override attribute and see if that helps your scenario.