Are there any example of using the tm1-data-decimal parameter with tm1-ui-dbr-read-only.

All I can find is tm1-data-decimal=“0”, which shows no decimal place. How do i show 1 or 2 decimal place. Using tm1-data-decimal=“1” does not work. The help just says its type string, but there are no examples.



Hi @bknott,

Had just tried and it is working as expected. Here is the HTML part I have typed using the sample server:

        tm1-instance="dev" tm1-cube="System Info"
        tm1-elements="Server Time, Numeric" tm1-data-decimal="2">

And how the display looks like:

What are the other attributes you have been using for your DBR?



Yep working now. Don’t understand it. Maybe it was caching the old value.