Tm1-ui-dbr padding


When dbr cell is in read mode it adds a bit of padding on the left (just before ‘D’ on the screenshot). How can I get rid off it using css?


Hi Andrey,

It looks like it is padding. Have you inspected the element using developer tools?


Yes. If I am not wrong there is 5px all around. When I add a class via tm1-ui-class, with padding:0;, the padding is still there.


Hi Andrey,

It will relate to the priority of the CSS classes. Try using !important or use a more specific class:


In assests/app.css I updated following .tm1-ui-dbr-common>span{padding:5px} to .tm1-ui-dbr-common>span{padding:0px}


Hi @aeremenko,

You shouldn’t make any changes to app.css they will be overwritten when you upgrade Canvas. Update \css\style.css instead.


thanks, Tim