TM1 process dialog


Is it possible to show the display name set in tm1-ui-process in the process dialog modal rather than the literal TM1 process name?



Yes. I haven’t done it but I know as a fact that @tganz and @eugene have done this in pages built for C3


Just use a (bootstrap) button for calling modal pop-up window, and inside this modal

put all parameters, subnms, whatever you need, put also a button (for example “submit”) which call the process and use all parameters from modal. Is it what you looking for?


Hi Eugene,

Yes, exactly like that.

When you’ve set this up to call the process, do I need to use $tm1UiProcess in my controller, and if so what is the format that it is expecting?



@jtuckerman It doesn’t require js coding. Have a look at my example:


Hi @eugene,

You should include the html in the post if you can. Surround the HTML in [CODE] tags.


@tryan ok! anyway a picture looks better :slight_smile:





tm1-ui-dbr, tm1-ui-subnm, tm1-ui-process, ...




Hey Eugene,

Belated thanks for this, i followed this approach paired with using the executeProcess function in the $tm1Ui service and it works really well.