TM1 Instance performance Uptime calculation does not seem accurate with Pulse v5.7.7

Can you tell me how Instance uptime this is calculated? The value displayed in Pulse v5.7.7 does not seem accurate. Can you tell me if this was corrected in v5.7.9?

Hi @gerald.grogan ,

Are you talking about the Reports/Performance/Instance report?

Pulse will compare the times the instance has been found running against during Pulse’s recording lifetime. Pulse records every second the state of the OS and the TM1 Services in its Cache. After 15 minutes, Pulse will Summarize, calculate stats and save these into its Database. One of these measures, is how much time an instance was found running during this period.
For this report Pulse will compare how many times the instance was found running against its theoretical running time. i.e. If for 15 minutes there are 900 seconds, an instance with 100% up-time will be that one that was found in a running state 900 times, an instance with 50% 450 times out of 900, etc.

We have not performed changes on how this report work. Can you please tell us more details of what seems to be happening in your installation?


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Thanks for the info.
After reading your reply I realized that since Pulse was only recently installed in production about two weeks ago, it makes sense that the uptime report is skewed when set to a duration of one month, however when set to a duration of only last week it looks much better. I am assuming that the uptime data is only collected when Pulse is installed and running which is why the uptime looks like the system was offline during the days before Pulse was installed.

Hi @gerald.grogan,

Yes up-time is calculated while Pulse is running, so if it is stop (or uninstalled) the metric isn’t being calculated.