TM1 Instance memory not shown on Pulse 5.7.7

We have installed Pulse on our dev and uat boxes and 1 box is misbehaving - we are unable to look at the memory stats of the instance - wonder what could be the issue… seems to be system specific as in other system is running fine.

If someone can suggest any setting or any logs for us to look into it.

Total memory is being shown alright

Hi @shallabh.khera,

The steps to get the memory of each instances are as follows:

  1. Pulse finds all of the Windows services that use TM1
  2. Using the service name Pulse finds the process id if TM1 is running.
  3. With the process id (#) Pulse queries the memory of the process.

My guess is that it is a some type of security issue, in the screenshot the # column is 0 which means Pulse can’t find the process id from the service (step 2).

Thanks mate - restart did the trick :slight_smile: