TM1 Instance does not appear in Pulse Live Monitor

I have six tm1 instances in the server and I was monitoring all of them, but some days ago one intance desappear from live monitor.
I was checking login settings for that instance but everything looks well.
Any idea? what should I check ?

Hi @jjramirez,

What is your Pulse version?

The Live Monitor only shows the TM1 instances that are running, if the TM1 instance stopped, it will disappear from the Instance State panel.

In the example below, only the two TM1 instances running are displayed the Instance state:

In your case, the instance must have stopped.

The two other reasons why a TM1 instance would not appear in Pulse are:

1. Auto Start Services Only set to true

In the Pulse Configuration page under Administration, there is a setting called Auto Start Services Only, if set to true only TM1 services set as Automatic startup type in Windows services will appear:

2. TM1 instances hidden in the User profile

In your User Profile, you can also hide TM1 instances:

I hope this help,



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Hi @Vincent, thank you very much for your reply. The problem was parameter AutoStarServiceOnly (case 1) that was set accidentaly to true but i changed to NO and now all instances appear.

Best regards!