Time Management tool in Arc - Where are the configurations saved?


I’ve set up a dimension using the Time Management tool and saved the configuration. I did this using Arc through remote desktop on the server. I don’t see that configuration when using Slice on a PC (pointing to the same remote Arc server), instead I see a different dimension that may have been set up a while ago. I can’t see the configurations in either Arc or Slice for time dimensions that other people have created using the Time Management tool (not 100% sure if they were saved though). Where are the configurations saved?


As far as I’m aware, when you click the Save button in the Arc Time Management Tool, the settings are only store in your local browser.

ok, so it’s more “remembered” than saved if the same person uses the same browser on the same computer.

Hi Roy,

Arc does not have a database so the workaround to store data/settings as Mathias said is to save it in your browser cache.

There is a way to share the settings of your Time dimension that you just saved is to save the information into a file.

To do that, click the Edit button:

Then you can copy the JSON information and paste into a file that you can send to someone or store it in your TM1 project folder: