TI Process indicator never stops spinning.


We have a TI process which we’re running via widget. The indicator which lets the user know when the process is finished appears to get stuck. The process in question takes roughly 1.5 minutes to complete, and that’s enough time for it to “time out” and the indicator never stops spinning, giving the appearance of a hung process. Processes which take a shorter amount of time complete in Apliqo as expected.

Is there a timeout or something we could configure to stop this behavior? We haven’t yet found anything that seems to help.


There might be lock contention when you trigger the process via widget. While indicator is spinning, Did you check sessions to see how long the process has been working? or If the process executes a script, there might be error in the script.

Yes, we checked the process via tm1top. The process completes successfully as expected in roughly ~1.5 minutes, but the indicator never stops spinning. Ultimately the page needs to be refreshed.