TI process available for execution during Pulse migration

In Pulse, there’s a useful feature that allows admin to mark certain TI processes for execution at various stages during Pulse Migration. One such use case which we often use is to run a One Time Only TI process that will create some objects e.g. cubes, dimensions or will update certain values in cubes e.g. security setup etc. in Target database as last step of migration. This removes certain manual steps that the Admin has to otherwise do to complete migration, thereby automating the entire migration process in some cases.

However, it is unclear as to how Pulse chooses list of TI processes that can be run during migration.
E.g. if your migration Package has 10 TI processes that will be updated/created on the target database, then not all of these TI processes are available in the list of TI processes that can be executed. How does Pulse show only certain TI processes from the package & not all ?

In my opinion, the list should include all the TIs from :

  1. Package being executed
  2. Target Database

Since there might be a TI process that the admin intends to run after execution which is not part of the package but is already existing in the target database. e.g. create all subsets.


Hi @drd,

During a migration, Pulse can only execute processes without any parameters available in the package therefore it will only show in the list, processes without any parameters.



What I have done in the past is to migrate a specific ‘execution’ TI with no parameters that itself calls the processes you would want to execute after the migration (and in doing so you can pass parameters through to them).

this does of course leave you with a ‘one-off’ process that you would then need to remove from the target database

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What an innovative approach! I like this. It allows you to avoid making duplicate/throw-away processes, which will cut down on the inevitable errors that crop up when you have multiple copies of a similar process. Very clean.

I did the same. It also allows you to test migration properly each time on the backup of production. Handy for complex data transformation with reconciliation problems. Would be really great if Pulse could delete that process after execution. Especially for environments where we do not have admin access on Prod.