Threads being generated by Pulse 6

Is there any information about the threads being generated by Pulse 6 associated with the Admin user? These threads are idle for the most part but I have a client that is concerned when they see them in TM1TOP. I have tried to explain that they do not represent sessions but instead are waiting for sessions to use them but the client feels that they need to “clean them up”.



Hi @dwatts ,

We will be needing more context on the question here like how many threads are they seeing? And yes they would see them in tm1top as Pulse connects and queries TM1/PA instance via REST API - and it will try to re-use that session, rather than logging in every 5 seconds for example.

On the note of “clean them up”, from Pulse v6.0.2, there is a new parameter introduced:


What the above means is that Pulse, after N minutes, will logout of the session that it is using, and log in again.



Hi Dean,

You could also check the HTTPSessionTimeoutMinutes settings in the tm1s.cfg file or from the Arc Configuration module.

Reducing the value of the HTTPSessionTimeoutMinutes will likely reduce the number of idle sessions you see in TM1Top. More info in this thread: