Thick client and web client functionality

We are looking to upgrade all our PC’s to run on windows 10.

One of the questions we have been asked by the project team is if we still require the pulse thick client. Can you please confirm is the thick client still has any functionality that is not available on the web client and what that functionality is?

Also is the thick client compatible on a windows 10 PC?

We have recently installed pulse version 5.5.1.

Hi Andy,

For me, the only reason I am still using the thick client is because of this below feature:

But otherwise, 95% of the time I am using the web client and it serves almost all my purpose as a TM1 administrator.



I’m using 5.5.1 with win10, server 2012 & server 2016. All works no problems.

Although there are some reports available in the thick client that haven’t been migrated to the web client this isn’t the reason for me. The principal utility of the thick client is for monitoring. Especially of multiple TM1 instances over multiple windows servers. It is far more convenient to do this in thick client versus web and the client is also far more responsive and easier to scroll and filter and cancel threads.

Thanks, I’ll suggest we keep the thick client then and its encouraging that it is working on windows 10 for you without issue.

Hi all,

Just an update on this, one of the features that is important in the thick client is the ability to pause and rewind monitoring. This will be in the web client in the next version of Pulse.

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