Test TM1 credentials using TM1RUNTI

Configuring CAM Security with Pulse can be a bit tricky because:

  • The CAM Namespace is case sensitive
  • User name could be wrong
  • Password could be wrong

To be sure that the TM1 credentials in the Pulse instance settings are correct you can test your credentials using TM1RUNTI.

To authenticate a user, Pulse is using the same mechanism as TM1RunTI.

To test your credentials, you can try to run a TI using TM1RunTI with the credentials you put in Pulse.

For example:
“C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1runti.exe” -process Cub.Flight -adminhost CW111 -server flightstats -CAMNamespace AD -user TI01 -pwd “” pYear=2000 pMonth=01

If TM1RunTI works, Pulse should work as well.

Using TM1RunTI is a quicker way to test your credentials than having to save your credentials and then running the update documentation.

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