Task scheduler

I have followed the guide:
Task Scheduler Configuration | UX Installation & Configuration Guide | Apliqo End User , and restarted the service as well.
Despite I can create folders, I am not able to create schedules, if I click the icon + nothing happen…
Any Idea?

Hello. I’ve run into a similar issue before with Task Scheduler. It can be frustrating when things don’t work as expected, even after following the guides and restarting services. One thing you might try is checking if there are any updates available for the software or if there’s a specific permission issue that needs tweaking.

By the way, have you heard about notes online? It’s this neat online notepad where users share troubleshooting tips and solutions. I once found a quick fix for a different software glitch there that really saved me some headaches. It might have something useful for your scheduler hiccup too.