Table - freezing/sticky top row

Is there a way to “freeze” the first row in a table? The rows that the column headers occupies automatically are “frozen” when scrolling down but in some cases we would want the first data row to be a subtotal. It would be helpful for users to see the subtotal even when scrolling down.

I did notice that HOT has a fixedRowsTop parameter but it appears this is not directly supported in Adv Options. I assume that perhaps Apliqo automatically sets this parameter based on the number of stacked column dimensions. It would be useful if we could override the number of sticky rows at the top


I wondered and tried stacked rows feature and put 1st row as a different view. It does not work. FYI

Maybe having two different view in a dashboard might help.

This isn’t currently supported. In terms of Excel like freeze panes for tables UX supports “fixed row headers” configuration in the advanced options to make columns on the left sticky when scrolling to the right. However there is no equivalent “fixed column headers” option to make rows at the top sticky when scrolling down. The column headers themselves are automatically frozen but additional rows can’t be added.

I guess the use case is that you have a category total or similar which you want frozen and always visible when scrolling down? Please raise a ER. (I’m actually surprised this has never been requested to date.)

If the screen is a view then there is no workaround I can think of other than custom css. If the screen is a dashboard then you could create a 2nd widget above the main table whihc contains only the top row.

Yes, the use case is indeed to “pin” a total row at the top. I am surprised as well that it hasn’t come up in all these years but I’ll put in a bitbucket ER

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