Syncing between }APQ UX Users and }Clients in contentStore

UX uses the “}TM1_DefaultDisplayValue” attribute of the “}APQ UX Users” dimension for the display name of the logged in user in the top right corner of the app (among other things). To ensure the “}APQ UX Users” dimension is updated, I believe the general recommendation involves using the UX TM1py toolkit which will sync the attribute from the model instance.

However, in situations where we are not using the UX toolkit, is there a recommended way for the attribute sync to happen? In this situation with CAM security, the DisplayValue attribute for the }Clients dimension of the contentStore does get updated on login so we just need a way to sync it with “}APQ UX Users”. The “}APQ.UX.Security.ClientGroups.Import.FromInstances” TI syncs up “}APQ UX User” to “}Clients” but it is designed to do this in the opposite direction.

Is there a contentStore TI that does a “}Client” to “}APQ UX User” sync or are there any plans to support such sync functionality in the future? Thanks!

Hi @wwang
I wasn’t aware that we are looking at the display attribute in }APQ UX Client versus }Clients. This seems to me an unecessary dependency. I will look into having this removed.

I will look at the code and report back if there is anything existing for }Clients => }APQ UX Client. If there isn’t it seems a reasonable request.

Hi @wwang

I had a look at }APQ.UX.Security.ClientGroups.Import.FromInstances and I think most of your requirement is already covered.

The first part of the Prolog contains a region “Update UX objects from current security”. This is a failsafe and pre-updates the }APQ UX Client and }APQ UX Group dimensions with the current security model so nothing can get lost. The only thing that is missing is for any new users or groups that might have been added in the content store any attribute values aren’t added to the }APQ UX dimensions. I will add this and it should be available in the next 2021.02 FP1 next week.

Thanks @cw-ch for helping look into this! Yes, the metadata elements do indeed sync over from }Clients to }APQ UX Client in the TI. It would be helpful if the “}TM1_DefaultDisplayValue” attribute also gets copied over as part of this sync. This is important mainly for CAM authentication due to the ID code of principal name elements.

Hi @wwang
The attached Pulse (v5) package has a fix for the ClientGroups.Import process whihc will also sync the attribute values. Even if your server doesn’t have Pulse you can just copy the .pro file from the package. (11.9 KB)

@Adam this package also fixes the issue you reported about Admin user being disassociated with ADMIN group.

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Perfect! Much thanks @cw-ch!