SUBNM Drop down menu

Hi all,

Is there a way when a subnm filter menu is expanded in Canvas to close it without having to click again into the dropdown menu but closing it whatever the place you click on the page ?

Hey @sschreurs,

Are you using the tm1-ui-subnm tag?

That should collapse when you click elsewhere on the document.

However, it the element is a picklist via tm1-ui-dbr, then the dropdown only collapses when you re-click on the dropdown/arrow on the right, which has been raised here:


Yes I’m using the tm1-ui-subnm tag…but I’ve noticed this behavior also in the SUBNM page of the samples…

I’m also using pick list via tm1-ui-dbr.

Hi @sschreurs,

We don’t have plans to change the current behavior, to close the subnm a user can click on an item.

Hey @tryan,

Would this ever be considered?

This has been raised by a few clients I’ve engaged with so far.

In a large grid type view with lots of DBR references with picklists etc. it means that a user could open up a large number of drop downs all over the page.

Whilst i concede that they can just click on the item to close it again, I think this comes from the fact that, in virtually all cases, drop down items close when another is expanded on nearly every website they’ve ever visited.


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