SUBNM Drop Down larger than Modal page

I have a modal form with <tm1-ui-subnm’s on it.
If I select a value from the dropdown which is below the bottom of the modal form, the form disappears as if I clicked off the form.

Is this a bug?

Are there any workarounds?

Hi @mmacdonnell,

Which modal implementation are you using? Bootstrap or Bootbox?

If it is from Bootstrap, can you try to add the following: data-backdrop="static"

The above should help prevent dismissing the modal when the background is clicked as a workaround. It should still be dismissible by pressing Esc key.

As for the SUBNM dropdown itself, can you please contact your local Cubewise office to help you submit a ticket on this? We will have a look and do further assessment on the above. Thanks!


Hi Paul,

Using bootstrap.

backdrop: ‘static’ fixed it