SUBNM as list?

Hi All,

Is it possible to display a subnm as an expandable/collapsible list instead of in a drop-down? Alternatively, have an element list that can be expanded/collapsed?

We’d like to set up some kind of navigation tree where a user can expand/collapse a hierarchy and choose a specific element. Something similar to the screenshot below:



Hi @anz.fin.all.mailbox,

We do have that form as well with the SubNm:


And that is the default behaviour. The HTML code for the above is this for example:

<tm1-ui-subnm tm1-instance="dev" tm1-dimension="Account" tm1-subset="Net Income" ng-model="page.subnm2"></tm1-ui-subnm>

The SUBNM page of on the Samples application will be able to show all the other forms it can take.


Hi @plim,

What we’re looking for is to show the subnm results in a box, rather than a drop down form selection.

I’ve reviewed the samples page and haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. The element list results can be displayed in a box, and in hierarchy layout, but the hierarchy can’t be navigated, i.e. no option to expand/collapse.


Hi @anz.fin.all.mailbox,

If you have installed Canvas v3, there is a new sample which does something a bit similar as what you are looking for:

There is a list of item that you can click on to update the dashboard:

This list does not collapse but maybe you could add the collapse with a bit more code.



Hi @anz.fin.all.mailbox,

Actuallty the quickest solution would be to use the Subset Editor. You can add it into your page with just one line of code:

<tm1-ui-subset-editor tm1-instance="dev" tm1-dimension="{{selectedDimension}}"></tm1-ui-subset-editor>

It was introduced with Canvas v3:

Check this fiddle and angularTreeview module.
I think, if you get the list of elements through $tm1ui service and build an array like $scope.roleList1 in the fiddle, you should get the desired results.

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