SSL Certificate version Issues with Pulse when downgrading from PAL to TM1 10.2.2

Dear All,

Since PAL 2.0.3 Pulse enforces the use of v2 ssl certificates for its internal activities with the TM1 services. If you require to downgrade to TM1 10.2.2 and if as part of the downgrade plan the TM1 services are configured with v1 certificates; Pulse will keep the v2 ssl certificates within its configuration, which will lead to connectivity issues between Pulse and the TM1 services.

How would this affect my Pulse installation?

Pulse will report the TM1 Instances in “loading” state, even though the services are up and running.

Features like Change Tracking, Documentation and Migration will stop working.

How can I Fix this issue?
Stop the Pulse services and set the “SSLCertificateVersion” to 1 in the Pulse.cfg. and restart the Pulse Services

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