}src_dim_export Error


we have PA 2.0.9 and Pulse 5.8.1 running. Once a day an error from the TI “}src_dim_export” is logged. The error says that an unknown dimension is used. Here is the content of the Error-Log:

Fehler: Prolog Prozedurzeile (16): Dimension “contentStore” wurde nicht gefunden

The Eror is in german. Translation:

Error: Prolog line (16): Dimension “contentStore” not found

The TM1-Instance is a Apliqo-UX Contentstore and this dimension does not exist.

How can I repair this?

Thx and best regards,

Pulse only supports alternate hierarcies from v6.

“contentStore” is not a dimension within the Apliqo UX content store instance but is an alternate hierarchy in 4 dimensions of the instance metadata repository ( }APQ UX Client, }APQ UX Group, }APQ UX Cube, }APQ UX Dimension ).

You can just ignore this message. Pulse v5 will report the same when running documentation on any dimension which contains alternate hierarchies where the hierarchy name is misinterpreted as a dimension name (which is because the hierarchies are stored as .dim files in the dimName}hiers folder and Pulse’s source control is picking up a change in the “dimension”).

There’s a ticket for this issue which I think is reported as fixed in Pulse 5.8.3

Thx for this answer. But I cann’t find the download neither I can open the link to the ticket. I get an 404-error.

Hi @Willi,

This fix will be part of the 5.8.3 release as @cw-ch pointed out.

You can open a ticket in the link below.
We can then guide you on how to implement the interim fix until 5.8.3 is released.

Thx, I thought the release is already published. So I’ll wait until it will be.