}src_dim_export_data is crashing the instance following Pulse upgrade

We have updated Pulse to version 5.7.3 two days ago.

Since then our TM1 instance has crashed each day at the same time.
On further investigation and monitoring Pulse as the processes are run we fount that it is due to either
}src_dim_export_data or }src_dim_export.

We don’t get a log file or anything in the message log.
What’s likely to be causing this?
The process this crash follows has been running without error for about 4-5 months.

Hi @zkaya,

No TI processes should crash TM1, Pulse uses standard TI functions in the process you are talking about and therefore there must be an underlying bug in TM1. What version of TM1 are you using?

Hi Tim

We are on version 10.2.2 fix pack 4.

Hi @zkaya,

Can you please try opening the }src_dim_export_data process using Architect or Perspectives and saving it. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

Hi @tryan

We have opened and saved both processes using Perspectives. It hasn’t resolved the issue.

Hi @zkaya,

Can you please try the following:

  1. Delete all of }src_* processes using Perspectives.
  2. Stop the TM1 instance.
  3. Restart Pulse (this will place new }src processes in the data directory).
  4. Start the TM1 instance.

Thank you @tryan

I have carried out all of the above as suggested, and then tested it running the process that triggers }src_dim_export_data and }src_dim_export processes, the instance has crashed again.

Hi @zkaya,

I will send you an email with the old process to use, there must be a bug in the TM1 version you are on.

Hi all,

If anyone is experiencing crashing one thing to check is whether LockPagesInMemory (LockPagesInMemory - TM1 server configuration parameter) is enabled. At a number of customers this setting being enabled has caused issues.

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What process triggers these }src processes?

Hi @Shr3714,

these processes are triggered by Documentation, Change Tracking and Migration