SQL DB sizing for Pulse 6

Would like to ask if any SQL DB sizing recommendation(considering the growth) for deploying SQL server as Pulse 6 DB.

2 TM1 instances most for now
20 user accounts on each instance most

Hi @vhsieh,

Good question! The reality that Pulse is overall a recording system, makes it difficult to answer this question with precision. Because this could depend of how many users are connected, access to Excel, TM1 Web, Canvas, etc. Also, how many changes per day, month, year could occur. Added to the latter, these activities could vary depending of the customer’s new projects, organisational changes and etc.
All above makes very complicated to come with precise number. Nevertheless, on account of Pulse’s nature, you can control the database size by following these premises:

  • How big the database can grow for my client?

  • How much history should the client keep?

To answer the above questions, Pulse has the Maintenance Job that allows you to define how much history you would like to keep in Database and how often you would like to execute Pulse’s maintenance activities.



Hi @ecarmona ,

Thanks for your reply, I am asking this because this DB won’t be created by us and the client will ask us to provide DB spec(ex. DB size, log size).

Or maybe say it this way, will 20GB or 30GB be totally sufficient for one year of data?


Or any chance we could have something like this to show it to our client, then we could have some rough idea how to estimate and answer it to our client,

Hi @vhsieh ,

It is difficult at this point to come up with a number as it varies from client to client, environment-to-environment. It will depend on a lot of things like how big or small the TM1 servers are, and user activities, etc.

We do have some client before who started with SQL Express (maxed at 10GB). For this one, you could recommend to start with a size (i.e. 10GB) that they are comfortable with, and review it after a month to upgrade if necessary.

You can also then combine it with the Maintenance Job of Pulse.

Again, these are just guidelines/estimates and may need to be adjusted in time.



Hi, @plim , @ecarmona ,

Thanks for your suggestion, will propose some SPEC to our client and observe the growth afterward.