Specific Cell formatting

Hi experts,

I just wondering if I can format a specific cell in Advance option by reference row and column number. Something like this:

“cell”: [
“rowDataIndex”: 3,
“columnDataIndex”: 4,
“classname”: “bg-black-900”


no but as a workaround, you can do conditional formatting for a specific column

To elaborate here you can achieve what you want by using column formatting abd applying a condition based on the row name (this works as row headers are part of the table body so you just make the data column for the conditon the hierarchy name and then reference the value to match on.) This achieves the same result as specific cell formatting.

For example in the demo model, Executive Summary the specific cell Budget | Brazil has been formatted red.

The setup looks like this. (Note row headers are an exception as you need to match on the principal name not the displayed attribute which is why matching on “6” and not “Brazil”).


Thanks @cw-ch