SMTP Password encryption


Server =

Port = 587

UseSSL = true

UserName =

UserPassword =

EmailFrom =

The user password field in SMTP configuration of pulse works with plain text password but due to compliance we cannot use it as it is. We need to configure it so that it can be encrypted. If we use pulse GUI to configure, it encrypts the password but we are not sure which cryptography it is using.

We have tried base64 encoding but it didn’t work. Let us know how can we encrypt the password as we use silent (Automated) installation.

Hi @shallabh.khera,

Are you wanting to enter the password directly to the file rather than through the UI?

Pulse uses triple des encryption for the password.

Thanks @tryan apologies now we are looking to work on this | during analysis we are stuck on where can we find the tripledes encryption key in pulse for encryption. referring to this TripleDES encode-decode in powershell · GitHub

Hi @tryan - appreciate a response on the same - how can we fetch tripledes encryption key in pulse for encryption

Hi @shallabh.khera,

No sorry we can’t share that. That is something that is used internally in the application.

Thanks @tryan | Can there be a configuration(keys) that we can enable/use so that we can manage password with our CI/CD build for Pulse.
Another such query would also be how to automatically set password for TM1 User mentioned in instance settings via which we manage documentation update, etc. Our account & authentication is AD linked | as per policy we have an obligation to rotate password every 90 days.

Appreciate your response incase functionality exists or if this is an enhancement in your view for future Pulse version.

Hi @shallabh.khera,

Both would require an enhancement request but at this stage they wouldn’t be a high priority as you can always set them manually through the user interface.

I saw that the password is not saved as plain text in the file Pulse.cfg, so I assume it’s encrypted.
Can someone confirm? @Vincent ?

Hi Ciprian,

You should enter the smtp settings via the Pulse Web Client as it is explained here: SMTP (Email) Settings - Cubewise CODE

Then Pulse will save the encrypted password in the Pulse.cfg file.

What you see in the Pulse.cfg file is the encrypted password.



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