Slider for value selection


Hi all,

I would like to create a slider in a report to determine the value of a specific cell of a TM1 cube (in fact using the slider to send data to TM1 in place to input the value).
Is there any way to build this?
Thanks a lot.


Hi @sschreurs,

You will need to write some Javascript to do that. We have functions that allow you to send values back to TM1. On your slider there should be an event to fire a function when it is changed.

You need to pass through to the changed function (below) the values you want to set. It would look like on-changed="change(item, val)" in HTML.

When the cellPut returns we call $tm1Ui.dataRefresh() to refresh the page, that may or may not be required.

$scope.changed = function(item, val){ $tm1Ui.cellPut(val, "dev", "Expense", "Actual" , "Local", $, $, item.project).then(function(result){ $tm1Ui.dataRefresh(); }); };


Hi Stephane, for the period selection in C3 I used . Have a look at the demos bits there. There are a lot of options and it should be pretty straightforward to use it for displaying and sending values.