Slice: Virtual Calculations

Hi All,
I’m working with Slice, but I cannot get the virtual calculations working. When I select 2 elements, Slice picks up only the first one.

Anybody knows if that’s a bug or I do sth wrong?



Hi @mmioduski ,

What is your Slice version?

I just tried it with Slice v3.1 and it is working:


It’s - same as yours.

I do the same operations, but don’t get the same result. Are there any special parameters I need to adjust in tm1s.cfg or Slice options?

Hi @mmioduski ,

The virtual consolidation is only available in the business edition of Slice: Slice Features - Cubewise CODE

Could you please check if your license is valid:

If it is not valid, you can request a license here: Issues · Cubewise CODE / CODE Licenses · GitLab