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i can’t find a documentation about the VBA functions in Slice, is there one existing?

I used a macro in some sheets thats triggers the login window from perspectives, is there a way to do similar (or do the whole login) with Slice?


Hi @Olide02

We only have the following functions available in VBA in Slice:

  • TM1RECALC1 - Recalc active worksheet
  • TM1REFRESH - Rebuild active worksheet
  • TM1REBUILDALL - Rebuild all worksheet in a workbook
  • DBSSEND - Send DBS in active worksheet
  • DBSSENDALL - Send DBS in active workbook

All of them can be executed via Application.Run in VBA.

N_CONNECT function hasn’t been implemented yet.

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i have seen the N_CONNECT got implemented, but I can’t find any example or documentation.

VBA functions in Slice - Cubewise CODE

Can you maybe share some insight on this?


Found this page: Using N_CONNECT in Slice - Cubewise CODE

and tried to run the N_CONNECT Macro like:

Application.Run "N_CONNECT", "Planung", "", "", "cognosAnalyticsHost:80/ibmcognos/bi/v1/disp"

Which does nothing (no error but also no connection)


Hi @Olide02

You CAM namespace (last parameter) doesn’t look right. This can be looked up in your cognos configuration.


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Ups, thank you i didn’t read correctly and put in the gateway url.

If i understand it correctly, this will not work with the SingleSignOn (CAM) right?

Thanks and BR

You are correct. SSO isn’t supported by N_CONNECT.

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thanks for the info, i enabled my account for password Auth and tried it with the native arc Dialoge window (Namespace login) which worked fine. If i try the Macro in Slice its calculate some seconds then nothing happens, explorer window still shows not logged in and i can’t receive any values.

Application.Run "N_CONNECT", "Server", "Domain\UID", "Password", "ApacheDS"

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Is it also possible to use N_CONNECT without opening the Server Explorer window before?

Edit2: Also is there some plans on add “TM1RECALCALL” Which would caluclate all formulars in the book? (Analoge to TM1REBUILDALL)

Edit3: Ok got the login working, don’t know what was wrong, but i placed it in a seperate sub and now it works, just found following behavior: When i open the server explorer and run the “N_Connect” Macro i got connected to the TM1 Server and can recivie values, but the explorer still shows not logged in, when i click on the Tm1 Instance, it shows me the Login Popup, if i now just close it without logging in, i got logged out → “#Connection!” in Cells.

Is this a bug? I think the session should be shared with the actual GUI Session