Slice using Gateway for Authentication


Just wondering if anyone has any advice / insight in terms of if its possible to get SSO working when using Slice?

The main issue is that I see is that Slice is distributed, and the gateway needs to have a valid redirect URL, and it is difficult to provide given its running locally throughout a network. Given the

Keen to hear if anyone has this working, although entering cred via the namespace methods works fine, we all know users are lazy (including Devs :slight_smile: )

Hi @jprobins ,

Perhaps this article can help out:

Setting up SSO with CAM and Arc - Cubewise CODE



@plim thanks, we actually have Arc ( via server service) up and running with SSO.

We are are also connecting remotely to Arc within Slice, however the passthrough (Slice > Arc > CAM ) doesn’t appear to work. While it doesn’t error (just spinning wheel) it appears as though the dreaded “redirect url doesn’t exist” may be the cause.

The article above does address this, but doesn’t indicate how it may be implemented when the request originates in Slice, passes through Arc, and presumably must make the round trip back to the local device.

Hi @jprobins

Are you seeing any errors in Slice log file? Does Arc work in Slice Server Explorer?


I turned on all debug logs, there is nothing related to the authentication, only errors with refreshing objects in the instances that were recognised before authenticating via Gateway.

Yes, the Server Explorer works perfectly when connected via Namespace.

It simply hangs as per screenshot below.

Could you please create a new issue in GitLab and we will investigate it.

You need to make sure that the URL in Slice settings has the same server name that was used in Cognos configuration.

For example:
cw13 is the server name.


@aeremenko, thanks. Arrgh case sensitive :zipper_mouth_face: